Dying Light 2 (PC/EU)

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Dying Light 2 Steam(PC/EU) is a multiplayer and action game. You who is an infected survivor are the only savior of the city.The fate of the city is in your hands. you have unprecedented freedom of movement across the city, seamlessly integrated with brutal first person combat.companied by your partners,you should Play the entire campaign.

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Release Date: Mar 31, 2020

   It has been the last hunman settlement,a coldness and infected world,after human lost their life for 15 years.At daytime,bandits,factions and starving survivors will wander about to look for or rob food.If it is necessary, they will take food with violence.At night,infected bats which comes from dackness will search for food.

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   You,Aiden Caldwell, are an infected survivor.You can complete someting that other people can not do it and enter into someplace that others do not have courage to come in.Because you have outstanding  agility and combat abilities.So only you have the power to become the revolution driver.It is suitable for 2-4 player co-op to play.Relying on four-player co-op to complete entire campaign.

Attention please:
It contains violence and gore
It is not suitable for all ages
It is not suitable for you when you are working

System Requirements

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: TBC
Graphics: TBC
Sound Card: TBC


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